Addendum to “Why I’m Leaving the Evangelical Church.” Edit. More Thoughts. Etc.

This will be short, but necessary. A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled: “Why I’m Leaving the Evangelical Church.” I do not disagree with anything I wrote in there. BUT, I do think it’s hard to write about a whole group of people and not devolve into “labelling” or be accused of it. I am still wrestling wth many of these issues, no answers or claim to self-righteousness here — if I ever do that, well, I hope I never do. While I believe there are a variety of issues that need to be called out, and fiercely, in the Evangelical church, I am incredibly grateful and impressed for the way The Church as a whole has really stepped up in condemning the recent events in Charlottsville and DT’s reaction, or lack of (well, besides one).We still need more. I believe there is a lot of silent complicity in our pews. However, I, as a good postmodernist, know how silly and trite and simplistic it is to put boxes and labels around people or organizations. We protestants do love to make up a bunch of different denominations, including the catch-all denominations of “non-denomination” and “Evangelical.” It does make it challenging to write about. Maybe I will become full on Catholic. Isn’t it all the same? So, once again, to reiterate, reflection and conversation is what I’m aiming for, even if I can get a bit “political” and agitated at times.

I am pretty much done with a lot of church these days, but also, maybe, just need a break. Things can be so complicated sometimes and sometimes I make them worse in my head.

Love God, Love Others. That is my church.

I changed the wording on some of the article, like the ending. Because I think there’s one thing all writing should attempt, clarity.

Anyways, thoughts. All the thoughts. But I’ll stop here for now.



Writer. Former Coffee Roaster. Current Househusband. Debut novel, Utah! A Novel, out now:

Writer. Former Coffee Roaster. Current Househusband. Debut novel, Utah! A Novel, out now: